The Just Is EP

by Just

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Mike Rushforth
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Mike Rushforth the slow-core of my dreams were laid down on this digital canvas bro Favorite track: The HM-2 Blues.
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released October 15, 2016

For Rachel and Honey.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Knight at Paradise Records in Anaheim, CA.
All songs written by Just.
Drums by Colin Knight.
Vocals by Brittany Beppu.
Spoken word by Jeremy Leasure.
Artwork by G.A. La Bonte

Thank you: Alyx Poska Nicholas Nadel, Lee Lizotte, Natalie Ferguson, James Goldmann, Riley Dahlson, Sam Farzin, Cameron Hughes, Andy Paniagua, Canyons, and you.


tags: rock Seattle


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Just Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The HM-2 Blues
I'm the only one in this crowded room. All that's in my head is in full bloom.
Track Name: Increments
The eyes of the Old West are nothing more than increments, standing for something more.

How did it all become so indigenous, beyond the modern day? How long would it take for them to give it all away?

What about the ideas? The beliefs of a better life? Should it all be discarded or left as a sacred rite?

While we act so self-assured, we're not convinced of a better life; it's something we're always accepting, not challenging, alright? Let's put down this whole facade and truly open up our eyes. Can't you see the beauty, because that's what feels right?
Track Name: American Dance Bands
I once was told everything was right. No laws, no worries; just yourself and nothing else. Though proved convincing, it didn't mean that much. All that seemed real was that day when I caught a glimpse.

Of the fire, of the sound.

American dance bands.

I watched them closely move across the stage. Their skills, their fury projected on my soul. The lights, the cameras illuminate my walls. How I wish I could be one of them, and nothing else.

Come with me and we'll confide: American dance bands know our kind. No one will ever question us now.

Several years later, I can't stand thinking back. All that I lived for didn't feel the same. The dance was nothing but a hoax, an empty dream. Even in photos, America changed its name.
Track Name: Meek
Thinking back on time, was it worth the ride? Looking back on life, was it staring back at you, saying it's alright? Keeping satisfied: something you never tried. Leaving justified: it's the seance you said you couldn't derive.

Rest assured, but not today, not tonight.

What if fall? What if I fall in place?

What if you didn't try? What if it all survived? What if you called it quits? What if all had to quite on you and never said goodbye? This is all you know, and you are not ashamed. You are not dead at all; you are the most alive.